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we empower businesses to create captivating user experiences across all devices. We provide access to a pool of highly skilled front-end developers who specialize in crafting beautiful, responsive, and user-friendly interfaces.

Hire Remote Frontend Developers From Morocco

Why do companies reach out to us requesting

Front End Developers

Extend product platform to Web or Mobile

Speed up development roadmap

Scale engineering team

Refactor current UI


Boost Your Development Speed with Top Moroccan Front-End Developers

Looking to accelerate your mobile or web project development? Don't let limited resources hinder your growth. At Curly Bracket, we offer a seamless staff augmentation solution that connects you with highly skilled front-end engineers based in Morocco. Our pool consists of React.js Developers, Angular.js Developers, Vue.js Developers, Svelte.js and many more, all ready to tackle new challenges everyday and produce code of high standards.

What implies to have a solid Frontend Team for your product or service?

Personalized Experience

Added Value for Customers

Improve Customer Loyalty

Improve Engagement

Provide an unique service

Gather insights easier

An Efficient Team Extension Model You Can Rely On

Access a pool of highly skilled front-end developers with the support of a dedicated team behind them. We manage everything from expert matching and onboarding to ongoing support, so you can focus on your core business.


A Four-Steps Journey

A Smooth process from the Initial Brief to On-Boarding
Making sure each step leaving you closer to success.

1. Initial Brief

Understanding your project requirements, team structure, and specific skill gaps.

2. Candidate Screening

Leveraging our talent pool to identify highly qualified developers with the exact skillset and experience required.

3. Onboarding

Ensuring new team members are quickly integrated into your workflow.

4. Follow up

Assigning a dedicated account manager for Management and follow up.

Technologies & Frameworks:
Powering Modern Mobile & Web Experiences

We leverage a comprehensive range of technologies and frameworks to craft exceptional mobile and web applications. A pool of skilled React.js Developers, Angular.js Developers, Vue.js Developers, Svelte.js Developers.. and more

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