From Dream to Industry Leader: How Staff Augmentation Fueled ShiftStream’s Workforce Software Revolution

  • April 15, 2024
  • Nabil Moutana
  • 3 min read

The Challenge: Building a Dream on a Brand New Foundation

ShiftStream, a visionary company in Canada, had a bold idea – to develop a revolutionary automated scheduling and workforce management software. However, their journey wasn’t without its hurdles. Their biggest challenge? Finding skilled developers who could navigate the complexities of a brand new framework, Meteor.JS. Additionally, they needed flexibility to scale their development team up or down as project needs evolved.

The Curly Bracket Advantage: Agility, Expertise, and Cultural Fit

This is where Curly Bracket stepped in. Our experience with Meteor.JS, combined with our extensive developer network, allowed us to quickly identify and vet candidates who possessed the right skills and cultural fit for ShiftStream’s team. Furthermore, our Agile-friendly approach ensured seamless integration with ShiftStream’s development process.

MVP Launch and Beyond: Staff Augmentation as a Growth Engine

The initial focus was a successful MVP launch, accomplished on time and within budget thanks to the expertise of our first two recruited developers. The success of the MVP paved the way for further development, and Curly Bracket continued to provide ShiftStream with the perfect talent pool to build its dream software, one feature at a time.

ShiftStream’s Rise to Leadership: Innovation Powered by Automation

ShiftStream’s software revolutionized the workforce management landscape with features like automated scheduling and call distribution, significantly reducing time spent filling vacant shifts and minimizing data entry errors. This user-friendly platform empowered HR teams without requiring extensive technical knowledge. As a result, ShiftStream climbed the ranks to become a leading workforce management software provider in Canada.

Curly Bracket: Beyond Staffing, a Long-Term Partnership

Our partnership with ShiftStream extended far beyond simply providing developers. We were actively involved in key project milestones, offering ongoing project management, technical expertise, and strategic guidance. Over a period of six years, we provided over 12 full-time developers and additional part-time resources, continuously pushing the project forward.

A Client’s Perspective: A Quote of Success

“Partnering with Curly Bracket was instrumental in turning our dream into a reality,” says William, Project Manager at ShiftStream. “Their ability to identify the right talent, coupled with their ongoing support and technical expertise, were crucial factors in our success.”

This story exemplifies the power of staff augmentation as a strategic tool for businesses of all sizes. By leveraging a skilled and adaptable talent pool, companies can overcome development challenges, accelerate innovation, and achieve their ambitious goals.

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